A Native of Norton, Virginia, I first took on the quartermaster inventory at the National Convention in 1996. It was hard and diffult getting the business going. In addition, that same years I was elected to the Board of Directors. Today we have established a list of over 4000 veterans across the USA. I am so happy that I got involved because it has allowed me to meet and speak with veterans who served in Korea during and after the war ESTABLISHING MANY GOOD FRIENDS.

                                 COMING HOME FROM KOREA

Returning home, I took a job in the coal mines of Virginia because my Dad worked there all his life. After a few short months I went to Florida and college on my GI Bill. After getting my degree I went to work as a Property Insurance Adjuster  in Melbourne, Florida and then Management with a major insurance company and worked in that field until retirement. I love helping Veterans and my chruch. I thank God dailey for His blessings on my life. I love my country, I kneel for Jesus and stand for the National Anthem. 


 My decision to become involved with the Korean War Veterans Association came about because of a man named Harley Koon whom I felt was leading us in the wrong direction. I wanted to help and serve my fellow comrades who fought the communist enemy and suffered the cold and hot climate of Korea. I am proud to say that I have been a part of those hero's whom I shall never forget. Today I  think of those I served with and thank God I got to come home and establish a nice career and a home in the mountains of Virginia. So thank you my friends in helping me build a better future.   Ray Wells